Tuesday, August 21, 2007

"I am a Patriot"

How I miss those hopeful days in the fall of 2000! I will not apologize for voting for Nader, even now, no matter how many times we have this conversation. And as election 2008 approaches, I am daily reminded of what the man always says about how the system works--that it's a system that promotes the "least bad" candidate rather than the best.

But rather than give you a Nader link, I thought I'd pass along this video of Eddie Vedder playing "I am a Patriot" at a Nader rally. It makes me nostalgic.

And while we're on the subject, let me go ahead and make the ridiculous suggestion that we reform voting in this country. Here's an idea: let's prohibit a company that makes political contributions from recording our votes, and let's reform election rules. Here's how.

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Gerry Canavan said...

While I won't apologize for voting for Gore, I'm sympathetic to what Ralph says in An Unreasonable Man about the need for a "breaking point." The Clinton Years weren't my breaking point, but Clinton Redux might well be.