Friday, August 3, 2007

Fascists Among Us

I am grateful to Mitch for alerting me to a truly excellent piece in the LA Times entitled "Heroism and the language of fascism." This article has a truly provocative bent to it, no doubt, but the argument--that a culture that heroizes every little servant, especially the servants of the country--toes a dangerous line. Do your self a favor and read it.

Over at the NY Times, the Opinionator* is hosting an excellent discussion of the piece.

It includes such fine lines as these: "I spent my war years in the beer houses and brothels of Germany" and “I hid like a rabbit until they rescued me." Priceless.

*The Opinionator is for NY Times Select members only, which is available for free if you have a .edu email address. Just so you know.

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Gerry Canavan said...

To me the representative moment was when they decided to build the World War II monument on the reflecting pool on the mall, between the Washington and Lincoln monuments. That's when we (they) decided that war was central to our country's identity.