Friday, September 23, 2011

Youtube dreams

"We are opening a window into the movies in our minds."
UC Berkley scientists are pioneering a system "to capture visual activity in human brains and reconstruct it as digital video clips," technology that may someday allow us to TiVo our dreams. Yikes.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

War Plan Red

Invasion of Canada. Bombing raids on British industrial interests. Naval blockade. Chemical weapons. Six million troops fighting on the Eastern seaboard. This wasn't a crazy Nazi plan. It was the United States' strategy to destroy Britain as a world superpower.
How the US Planned to Destroy Britain Just a Few Years Before World War II.  It actually sounds like this was a lot more than just an elaborate contingency plan, since the US had already built three disguised airfields in Canada for War Plan Red.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Nintendo Power

Wired has an amazing piece up about the "holy grail" of Nintendo game collecting, previously discussed on this very blog.  Of course, some trail-blazing video game collector bought 7 of the 26 known copies of the most desired video game on the planet sometime in the mid-90s.  He paid as little as $50 for what now goes for as much as $17,000.

Messing with my head

Wyndham Lewis' brain, preserved in a jar.  Science's revenge on one of its major early 20th century critics, or self-parodic evidence of a scientific ideological vapidness?  Amazing.