Thursday, July 12, 2007

Durham, now in color

Howdy, kids. I'm still putting off writing my post on aging punk musicians for a time when I have no desire to do real work, so in the meantime I thought I'd post a link that should be of interest to those beautiful people lucky enough to live in (or visit) the great state of North Carolina. Thanks to my special lady friend for scooping this one.

The UNC library has a totally awesome collection of old North Carolina postcards on display at their website. As the site says, " This digital project contains a selection of materials from the North Carolina Collection's postcard collections, including at least one image each for ninety-nine of North Carolina's one hundred counties." While the Durham post cards are pretty good, the Chapel Hill collection has a better selection of odd cards.

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Gary said...

Good link - and at least for Durham, they also have far more cards in their actual collection than represented in the digital collection. I've looked through all of them, and although there are many other interesting ones, I didn't see any of them as amusingly morbid / odd as the CH one.