Friday, June 8, 2007


One thing that I really like about reading Beckett is that even amid what seems minimalist, his texts are full of the most luxurious vocabulary. Here's a smattering from Watt.

* funambulist: A performer on the tight (or slack) rope, a rope-walker, a rope-dancer. [as in: In attempting to maintain a blog and work at a brisk pace, I am attempting a funambulistic feat.]

ordure: Excrement, dung.

ataraxy: Freedom from disturbance of mind or passion; stoical indifference.

exiguous: Scanty in measure or number; extremely small, diminutive, minute.

pruritus: Itching; esp. itching of the skin without visible eruption.

* battology: A needless and tiresome repetition in speaking or writing. (this might be the key word for the entire novel)

flocculation: The movements of delirious patients, as if searching for or grasping at imaginary objects, or picking the bed-clothes

velleity: the fact or quality of merely willing, wishing, or desiring, without any effort or advance towards action or realization.

gloam: Twilight, gloaming.

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