Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'd slap that shit off the table

Somehow it doesn't seem ethical, but a 70 year-old lobster dubbed "Larry" is on the menu for $275 at New York City restaurant.

When asked whether preparing such an old creature gives him pause, McLaughlin said that “to a certain degree, it does.” However, the lobster is being given his “just due” at the restaurant and that he “will be enjoyed.”

The banking executive who wrote us figured the lobster would probably die to satisfy someone’s bragging rights.

Of all the lobsters I’ve dined on recently, and I’ve dined on many, Oceana’s have been my favorite. But this 11-pounder is not for me. It’s his age that moves me -- we don’t often contemplate the age of the animals we eat. When I asked about the lobster, I wasn’t told the age until I specifically asked: How old is he?
Just think of it: that bastard lived through the entirety of WWII, was 30 years old when humans walked on the moon, and was well into his silver years when the internet was born. Via Harper's.

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