Monday, October 5, 2009

Water water everywhere

When Nalgene announced a year and half ago that a majority of the water bottles they sold have the capacity to leach the toxic chemical BPA, many people that I know switched to the aluminum bottles produced by SIGG. The SIGG company went from nothing to having a huge share of the water bottle market almost overnight.

At the time I did a little research to ensure that these bottles were everything that my once-trusted Nalgene was not, and they seemed to pass the test. Then, a few months ago, it was revealed that all SIGG bottles produced before 2008 also had the capacity to leach BPA. Of course, SIGG did not do what Nalgene did by announcing that this was the case and publicly taking steps to fix things. Instead, they let Nalgene's bad luck play itself out, and in the process acquired a much greater market share, all the while leading people like me to believe that they were not ingesting BPA.

Well, I am back on the Nalgene kick, and very, very happy about it. And what makes me especially happy is the fact that SIGG is now doing a voluntary recall program. So even though I will never buy another SIGG on account of their clear deception, I will avail myself of the opportunity to make them pay for a replacement. And if you have a bottle with one of the old liners in it, I recommend you do the same.


Kendra said...

oh no, but it ISN'T a recall:
"this is a voluntary program - not a recall. "
A recall would infer some sort of wrongdoing, and Sigg's not ready to admit to as much.

Timo said...

Call it what you will. They're paying to give you a new bottle because they were not forthright about the serious bodily harm that their product posed. It's true that we still have to pay for shipping, but I call it a recall, voluntary or not.