Thursday, October 9, 2008

Douche bag

Let the record show that McCain continues to be a douche bag.

I can't tell whether the rhetoric that casts Obama as a terrorist is actually effective in branding Obama--that is, in making people truly believe that he is a terrorist--or whether it's just a rhetoric through which disenchanted Republicans can vent their frustration (or whether these things are seperable at all). But, judging by the nature of the mobs that McCain is rousing at his rallies, I'm inclined to believe that McCain is actually branding Obama for a certain segment of the population (as several videos shot at his rallies show).

When you have trained your constituency to believe that the opponent is a terrorist, as many of McCain's supporters apparently believe, you become personally responsible for the actions taken by your constituents. By pushing this Ayers nonsense in a moment of economic crisis when people already have nothing to lose, McCain is doing something unfathomably irresponsible--like pouring gasoline on a fire. It's a lynch mob in the making. If anything happens to Obama between now and inauguration day, it's on John McCain's head.

Douche bag.

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