Tuesday, December 4, 2007

On Silliness: A Trans-Atlantic Approach

The BBC seems to have a knack for reporting stories that make Americans look silly. But I guess I really shouldn't blame them for our silliness. They're just doing their job.

Rich US dog hiding after threats

A dog which inherited $12m (£5.8m) from late New York hotelier Leona Helmsley is in hiding after it was targeted by death threats, US media say.

Trouble, a white Maltese that belonged to the billionaire until her death in August, was flown by private jet to Florida, the New York Post reported.

It says the tiny bitch was whisked away under an assumed name after receiving about 20 threats.

Trouble is said to have earned a number of enemies due to its habit of biting.

Under an assumed name? Have we all gone mad, or are we just kidding ourselves?

While we're on the topic of silliness, why not a bit English silliness? Have a nice day.

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