Monday, November 19, 2007

Good News For Me

Who can tell me what those elitist, left-wing bastards of the ivory tower do all day? Anyone? Anyone?

A: Nothing. Except bitch and wine about capitalism and how all their precious sinecures are being taken away from them.

Well, the NYT, that bastion of libearlism, suggests that those namby-pamby, effete dillettantes are not happy about it. Apparently, the intelligentsia is getting upset. Apparently those bloviating masters of sophism are mad that all their jobs are being outsourced. Apparently doing so diminishes the quality of higher education. Who knew!

It appears those lazy, novel-reading, want-to-be-writers may have a good thing coming.

The shift from a tenured faculty results from financial pressures, administrators’ desire for more flexibility in hiring, firing and changing course offerings, and the growth of community colleges and regional public universities focused on teaching basics and preparing students for jobs.

But it has become so extreme that some universities are pulling back, concerned about the effect on educational quality. Rutgers University in New Jersey agreed in a labor settlement in August to add 100 tenure or tenure-track positions. Across the country, faculty unions are organizing part-timers. And the American Federation of Teachers is pushing legislation in 11 states to mandate that 75 percent of classes be taught by tenured or tenure-track teachers.

Via, that bastion of liberalism, the NYT.

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